Sunday, December 28, 2008


as always...  it's been a while!

i have been working 10-15 hour days for the past month or two and now i finally have a break.
sure, i may not be able to walk during this break due to my surgery last monday....  but i am enjoying it!

surgery.  so this is what my ankle looked like when i broke it and they PUT the hardware in...  

and this is what the hardware looks like OUT of my leg...

so now i'm wearing a walking boot for the next SIX months. meh.
which is already messing up my wardrobe.

these girls give me a good idea (minus the heels obviously):

this is my favorite!

i don't think i could pull these pants off. and i don't know if i want to because this is what my mom wore when i was growing up. i still love 'em!

this one isn't best for weather right now, but my husband bought me those moccasins in black and i can never find anything that looks good with them, i always just feel like Pocohontas. just albino.

this one is already how i dress everyday, minus the mittens, which now i want!

alright, homes.
thats all i have for the day.

(awh, i wish i could wear heels!)

-Jen Paige

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