Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Which One?

Ugh. I can't decide. I don't know what to be for Halloween! One year, Josh and I were Cornelius and Marla Singer. He made a great Edward Norton (looked just like him at the time) and I made a rad Marla (weirdo and all). The year before last, I was a nurse and he was an abortion. Yeah, sorry if that offends you, but we thought it was pretty fucking great. Last year, I was a Day of the Dead little Mexican.....

But this year, I have nooo idea. Josh and I thought we should dress up like cats and dogs, a la Breakfast at Tiffany's or Trigger Happy TV (you know, where they're chasing each other or sitting drinking at a bar). But we cannot for the life of us find giant cat and dog costumes for cheap. Then we thought we could be Velma and Shaggy, with Bronson being either Scooby or Scrappy....but, that's too cheesy for us, and too played out. THEN, we thought we could be a cowboy and Indian or Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, but one's too typical and the other is too obscure. Israel and Palestine? Funny as hell (if you knew us, you would laugh), but too political.

sigh. So, here are my last ideas. What do you think?

A Peacock. yeah, I know they're boys, but they're pretty.

A doll, a la Galliano
Or a Mod. A la Mod, duh.

1 comment:

Ixchel said...

A peacock! I think you would look awesome!

I'm thinking of being the black dahlia! All chopped up and shit!

I love halloween!