Thursday, October 16, 2008


Crappola that has inspired me as of late.

Mel, this is what I was talking about last night.

Jen, let's fix your vest to fit more like this, yeah? (then, I can borrow it! Yay!)
Very a la Zoe.
Mad for plaid. But I don't think I'll buy those f21 tights after all....Still, this is cute, reminds me of the layered tights from S.Rykiel. Oh, Kate. We all love you. When is this shit going on sale?


ldvnicole said...

That pointy hat kills me! I want it with every fiber of my being!

DeSmitten said...

LOVE the kate moss coat.... p.s. I am being Rachel Zoe for Halloween, hehe!

Yadira said...

ha! that's awesome. Are you gonna talk like a total valley girl, carry around a venti starbucks cup and wear more rings than Ringo?

Cuz that would shut it down.