Monday, October 6, 2008

In Transition

A couple of weeks ago, Mel and I decided to dress up in our favorite Cuffs outfits, to transition from Summer into Autumn. Sorry for not posting them sooner. For those of you who live in Sacramento area, come out to Cuffs and get these great items!

Sunglasses, necklace, jumper and boots: Cuffs
Tank top and leggings: Stylists own

Dress, necklace and slip: Cuffs
Socks and shoes: stylists own

Dress, purse and shoes: Cuffs
Fur neck warmer: stylists own

Jacket and shoes: Cuffs

Leggings: stylists own

Top, belt, skirt and boots: Cuffs
Headband: Porcelain, available at Cuffs and online

Hat, scarf, slip, dress, purse and shoes: Cuffs


Ixchel said...


so cute!!!

I love those black heals you're wearing, Yadi!

Yadira said...

those shoes are the cutest vintage things ever. If only I could buy them!

wolf said...

last picture: dress.. amazing sleeves! and you should totally rock that hat more often, it looks great on you.

Yadira said...

thanks Chelsea! you are the sweetest ever.