Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Been There Done That

So, I wasn't lying when I said my mom used to make me dresses. A lot of dresses and other pieces of clothing too. But mostly dresses.

Lately, I feel a little weird. I'm beginning to understand how she felt when I was in junior high and high school. She would turn to me, look at what I was wearing and say "I remember those. I used to have that exact same thing."

Well, what the hell, I feel old. Because all the things that are in, I used to wear as a little girl.

No Joke.

Take lace. My mom used to make me lace leggings. Yeah. All that shit we all want now, I used to take for granted. I feel like an idiot cuz I used to hate wearing them. I used to think they were hideous. She used to make them footless, too, for christ sake. Oh, the eeeeyee-yerrr-nie!

And then there's velvet. Oh, Yes, Velvet. There used to be crushed velvet. And GREEN velvet. She would make velvet dresses with A LACE CHEST thingie. Velvet will be back to haunt you, mark my words. She used to make them so I could wear them to church, weddings, and other uncomfortable occasions. She LOOOOVED velvet. Ugh. it's soo sad. It's true, I'm turning into my moms.

Don't forget about the damn Florals. Yeah, who's mom didn't make them a floral dress? With big ass bows and a princess cut at the waist? I'm not big on florals. Every once in a while, maybe.

But now I'm thinking to myself....what else did my mom make me? What else did I wear when I was eight? The only thing that comes to mind is this one dress that I DIED for on my eight birthday party....I bet it will be the next thing.

De ja fucking vu.

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Ixchel said...

I can totally relate, yadi!!!!