Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend inspirations

Good morning,

Well, it's second Saturday this weekend, and I still don't have pics of the new hats, scarves and headbands for you. I guess it doesn't really matter, since Sacramento doesn't really read this blog and I only have stuff to sell at Cuffs. But still! I wanted to eventually open an etsy spot up for those of you from afar. Soon, I hope. Anwho, these two pics will hopefully inspire me outfit-wise and well as creatively.

Photo by Face Hunter: I totally have a dress similar to this (actually, I think it's a tunic, but I'm hella short) that I got from F21. Add a crazy bow and Presto! I can be Hunter worthy too. Hopefully.

Photo totally stolen from Sally Jane Vintage. See that bottom left pic? (click to enlarge) Well, I have been wanting to make something similar to that necklace, but in crochet form. Look for that soon!

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