Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the Middle with You

Good morning ladies.

I'm not sure if I'm ready for Fall, since I didn't get to do all that I wanted this Summer, but when I see pics of lovelies in scarves, stockings and sweaters, well... then, I'm totally for it.

Photo by: The Sartorialist
Photo by: themysterythatneverwas . Check out her bloggy blog HERE.

Photo by: ornithes. Check out her Chictopia page HERE.
Photo by: No Signposts . Check out her blog as well, HERE.
Photo by the lovely: liebemarlene. See what she has to say HERE.
Perfection by: it girl_rag doll
And then there's me. Baaaad picture. Well, the picture's not bad, I just look bad in it. I made this scarfie scarf the other day. It's what many call an "infinity" scarf. It's a giant loop that wraps around twice. It can be worn loose, or all tight and warm, by using the button. What do you think?


wolf said...

very cute!
speaking of scarves.. i saw this on topshop today and i want whatever combination of items the girl on the left is wearing! it looks amazing.

Yadira said...

ah! that IS totally cute! Hey, boo, are your pics still up at Atelier?

Lily said...

oh thankyou for the pic!
I love all the photos, but unfortunately it's spring here!
Ahh, I already miss Autumn

Yadira said...

Lily, I forget, you're on the other side of the world! (I think, right?) Anywho, thanks for letting me use your pics, it's absolutely lovely.

Ixchel said...


I love the scarf!

p.s. You don't take bad photos.