Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foxy Fall Faves

Fall! Tights! Sweaters! Foxy Females! fuck yeah.

Photo by: loou . Her blog HERE.

Photo by: liebemarlene . As many of you know, her blog is HERE.

Photo by: puzzledthoughts . Her blog HERE.

Photo by: everything is nonsense . Her blog is HERE.

Photo by: Mademoiselle Robot . Check out her blog HERE.


Mademoiselle Robot said...

WOW! I just saw your comment and then looked at your blog and then BANG, there I am! Thank you for posting this photo.
Just to let you know I am currently stalking your blog.

Yadira said...

Good! cuz I'm totally in love with yours!

Ixchel said...

I love your blog, Yadi.

but fuck me dead, it always leaves me with a bitter sweet feeling. I'm so jealous of all these fabulous frocks you post! But it's definitely inspirational... it makes me wanna makes some stuff!

I wish I had some moneis, I want to buy some oxfords and some new tights! I can't wait for Fall!


DeSmitten said...

Looking so forward to sweaters and tights!

loou said...

thank you so much for posting my picture, your blog is wonderful.

Yadira said...

Loou, thank you for being adorable!