Thursday, September 25, 2008

And Then Some

Okay, three things:

1. Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who came out on Tuesday and participated in my silliness. I apologize if I was tooo silly, but hey, it was my birfday eve.

A special thanks to Ashlie, Jen, Dano and Fubar for pitching in on my expensive ass taxi ride home.

Another special thanks to Mel for coming out sober, to Jackie for coming straight from a long day at work, and to Josh, for coming out in general. Thanks baby.

2. Who doesn't love Cory? If used to hate seeing her everywhere, but then I realized that I was totally envious. Young girl, cute as well, awesome clothes....who got famous for just that.

Well, check out her model debut on her page HERE.

And 3. Straight from the horses mouth (that being Fashionista's mouth), Sonic Youth is jumping on the design band wagon! Yeeeup. Take a look at their "Hardy Jacket" their only piece so far on their Mirror/Dash website.


Crave said...

I heart this jacket! The details on the shoulders and large buttons rock!

loou said...

love the dress cory is wearing. gorgeous.