Thursday, August 7, 2008

tanned letha

Good morning Porcelain readers. Did you watch last night? Does this outfit not totally remind you of last night's challenge??

Photo by street clash
I'm glad Kelli didn't win. This looks like she's going to a ho-down.
I was surprised by Letha Stella. If the belly button was covered, I wouldn't be too mad at this.
This shit was ugly. I'm pissed he got kudos. A skort? Come on, I never wore that in the nineties, why would anyone wanna wear it now?

This should have won. I would wear this.
If I was white.
I used to hate on Blayne because of his stupid ass phrases, but he's grown on me and I kinda find him pretty funny. I hope he stays on the show a bit longer, for entertainment purposes. "Let me tan!"


Ixchel said...

I watched it last night, and I'm glad the show has grown on Kyle. I miss watching this with my mom though.

I liked Kelli's but I would wear them as separates!

And yes, I use to hate Blayne too! But he has grown on me as well! The stuff he makes reminds me of the crap Heatherette makes!(no offense to anyone that likes those 2)

I still hate Letha though!

What about Suede always talking about himself in the 3rd person?!

I love Leanne, I hope she stays longer!( I don't know about that poop dress she made though...)

Porcelain Garden said...

Yeah, I like Leanne's details and stuff (which the poop dress had way too much of) and I used to hate Stella too, but even she's growing on me a little bit. And Suede? He's off soon. At least he better be. No more rocker fingers and tonque's sticking out, please.

Jillian said...

I missed last night's episode but I'm kind of feeling the last outfit- you know, if I was going to play golf at the country club.

Porcelain Garden said...

ouch! true true, it is a little...Hamptons, yeah. But it's hella clean and fresh. Which one did you think shoulda won?