Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pics from the Ipod battle

So, here are some pics from the ipod battle this last Thursday. Shit was hella fun. Plenty of healthy trash-talking, rowdy crowds, awesome music....and then the cops showed up. And then it got shut down before we could finish the battle. How gay. Either way, it was a great way to get a good mix of people together. Here are some pics to prove it.

Our judge, Rai-mon. Yes, that's his name. Editor of Legend magazine.

Our hosts, Alice and Shaun. Shaun was in total shit talker mode, thank god.
Team Cuffs. Too bad this set of cuties lost in the first round.
The crowd enjoyed plenty of silly string. There's Troy in the red glasses.
Team painfully hip. They also lost in the first round. But not from a lack of trying. They even had a little dance to try to woo the crowd.
Team Bows and Arrows. These ladies beat us with Journey against our L'trimm during the second round. I have to admit I was really disappointed the crowd didn't know L'trimm. C'mon, Sacramento, get it together!
There's cutie Chelsea in the crowd, as Terra from Team Hoodrats gets ready to go on.
Team Fuck didn't bring the jams, but they did bring hella confetti!
Team The New Humans. Awesome musicians. Not so great at ipod battles. That's right! Team Beat Kids dropped knowledge bombs on their tight jean wearing butts. The only thing I do have to give them props for is having the best trash-talker all night. Those kudos go out to Adam. Check out his bloggy blog.
Team Beat Kids and posse, Jackie and Kat. Yes, Josh has teeth. That's just his grill.
So flossy. Don't hate Robbie. But why do I have two separate pieces of hair in my mouth?
"That's right, bitches!"
See the rest at Take Over Tokyo


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