Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Out and About, and Totally Amazing

Early post, cuz I will not be able to post manana.

So, check this pic out. It's got lace gloves, a tuxedo jacket and great tights. Everything you're gonna wanna have soon. This picture and the bottom three by Style Sightings.

'Member Hermione? This is her cooler, blonder cousin. Photo here and below my Jak and Jill.

This is going to be my everyday wardrobe. Tights, cashmere sweaters, scarves and hopefully a cute pair of oxfords (which I still am trying to buy).

Okay, Okay, I know, she's not that cute. But really, can you negate the fact that those glasses are fucking awesome? and I love that jacket, so versatile.

Good transition for fall, shorts shorts with a comfy sweater. Go thrifting and I'm sure you can find the cutest sweater in the kids section.

In this photo, the girl to the right looks badass. Yeah, her hair looks like shit, but those pants are so cute. And if you don't think she's all that badass, I'd like to see you wearing those pants. Yeee-up.


Tarun said...

Heya .. some spunk we see

DeSmitten said...

love the first two and the last one!!! so great!

Sophista-Funk said...

The second pic is my favorite! I'm so ready for fall and wearing coats again. - j

Richel said...

is that hye park? if it is, I don't think I've ever seen her personal style, and if that's what she looks like on a regular basis, then I'm more jealous of her than ever!

Yadira said...

Hi Richel, Yeee-up, that is the every lovely Miss Park. I am totally stealing that look come fall. Well, that's a lie. Since it's a little colder in SF (as I'm sure ya know), that look will probably be on me next weekend.

Crave said...

Wow! What wonderful and funky people! I love them all!!