Monday, August 18, 2008


Okay, so, I know that I promised an awesome post for ya today. I know, I know I'm sorry.

I was going to post pics from the new stuff for H&M, but so many have already done so, I'm sure you've read about it. Either way, H&M has asked a few bloggers to remove the images (oooh).

I was gonna post pics from w_r, but lately, post have been "okay" and surely you've all had that page bookmarked anywho.

I was gonna post my thoughts about trends for fall, but .....fall's not here yet and today I have to go shopping with my little sister and summer is still on the mind.

And besides, I'm EXHAUSTED! Since Friday, I have saved two baby squirrels that fell from a tree and nursed one back from near death, I have weeded and cleaned the entire corner portion of the yard, we've replaced the fence, fixed the deck, bought a baby boxer, taken my parents to the river and BBQ'd with the inlaws.

Hope you all can forgive me. Have a good Monday everyone!

Aren't these tights the bees knees? Ahahah, sorry, couldn't help myself. But there are pretty effin cute.


Kate said...

oh man, I'm super behind and haven't seen the new h&m!

Porcelain Garden said...

Hey, Kate, no worries, I'll have some pics up for you tomorrow!

DeSmitten said...

Great tights!

Yadira said...

aren't they awesome? I wish I knew where she got them. They remind me of sonia rykiel

Jen Paige said...

man. your weekend sounds like my last two weeks. i love love loved dean's folks (and sister) but i am so glad they are gone. i cannot wait to relax. expect a post from me tomorrow! i am loungin' before work. hella. speaking of! yadi, my tattoo healed perfectly. he did such a good job on it. its hella better than josh's. hella.

Yadira said...

dude, I love your new tattoo, so glad you got it. It inspired me too. I was thinking about "flossy". So stupid, so corny, but then we can stand next to each other and be "hella flossy". AHAHAHAHA!

You still coming with us tomorrow night???