Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hand me your Stella and fly

Well, well, well.... It looks as though this beautiful lady below [ Nicole Trunfio ] is going to be the new face of the Guess? campaign. Not really news, who really cares, right? Well, what's interesting, is that Guess? is going to doll up miss Trunfio as Amy Winehouse and, according to the New York Post, her look "mimics the singer's iconic thick black eyeliner and infamous beehive, adding a little rock and roll to their pinup image." Guess? is already pretty slutty and trashy, and adding thick black eyeliner and a beehive isn't anything new. Maybe they'll just make her "Junkie Chic", as the headline states. How gross. Remember when Jamie King made Heroin Chic the new thing? But then, she really was a junkie?

Whatever, Guess?! A little late on the bandwagon, anyway. Check out these two editorials with coke on their rider. The first two images are from Vogue Paris and the third is from Numero. Find both here.

I wonder how they picked their models? Did they just look for the one with the stupidest tattoos?

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