Wednesday, July 30, 2008

come fall....

Good morning, loves. When I saw Antonio Berardi's ready to wear fall 2008 two weeks ago, I knew that I would love shopping come winter. Someone designs something that catches like wildfire, and soon enough, it trickles down to places where we (meaning brokes) can actually afford to buy it. Well, a girl can hope, right?

I think that, to best get this look, buy these pants first, since the dress will be easier to find later. Wearing pants instead of whatever those are (are they crotch high boots? I think they're just legging with shoes...right?) will be much easier to get off.
Not so much a fan of this one, but I've seen people like my mom wearing something similar to this. Not the most flattering. Yellow!
I love this fabric. If only it was a little tighter around the back. It's not a good look when this thing is bigger than you are.
Many of my jacket that I love(d) remind me of this. I've always had a love affair with peacoats and other military inspired kinda jackets. They're absolutely timeless. When I was about 11 or 12, I had a huge dark blue navy peacoat that had belonged to one of my aunts, the person who most inspired my style. I would wear it everywhere, even though it was three sizes too big and I was still under 90 pounds.
soft and sweet, but still intimidating. and that's always good. funnel neck. get a head start, as this will be on every girl around town. Visit Porcelain to see some of the scarfs I made last year that resemble this.My absolute favorite so far. There are others I haven't posted yet, but this is the best. This has everything I would ever want.

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