Thursday, June 12, 2008

Urban Outfitters and how much Erin Fetherston sucks

I'll do another post later, about things that don't suck, but right now I really can't believe this crapolla. So, Urban Oufitters, you know, that over-prices-all-their-shit-but-I-still-buy-because-it's-so-cute store? Well, not so cute anymore. Apparently they will now be carrying Erickson Beamon jewelry, such as the monstrosities below, in their UK stores by the end of June. I normally covet what the English have (such as Beatles, cute boys and wittingly small cars), but what the heck? This is bad, bad.
Then, I look to see what Erin Fetherston has up her sleeves for her resort collection. Now, I know that resort collections are kind of a way to bridge between two seasons, therefore, they seem to be always lacking something. But what this collection lacks is talent. What the hell, Erin? Taffeta? Really? I haven't worn taffeta since my mom made my dresses for me. Not only that, but the only cute dress looks like a total Kate Moss for Topshop rip-off. If any of you are die-hard Fetherston Fans.... sorry, guys. But she kinda sucks.

Anyway, hope this doesn't bring your day down, but I just needed to rant a little. Things are suckie today for some reason. Maybe it's because I saw a salad dressing commercial with "Bump" by Spank Rock last night, followed up by a stupid beer commercial using Santogold. What the eff? Is Diplo doing advertising? (PS, thanks for that, Josh!)


Ixchel said...

Taffeta could be nice.. but those dresses are just plain fugly. And those earring can be made for few dollars a piece! I made barrettes with those same crystals in 1998..

I feel your pain, I was upset when I heard RJD2 on a well fargos commercial.

Yadira said...

They are pretty bad. I just don't get why so many like her. She did a few good things, but a great designer continuously recreates. And those earings! not only are they hideous, but they're expensive as shit. not good.