Wednesday, June 18, 2008

things I need (aka, want)!!

Here's a list of crap I need. Yes, I need these things! Will I get them? Probably not. Goddamn you, mortgage payment!

Anywho, This picture represents how I feel. Naked (need more clothes), wanting some loving (can't wait to get off of work!), and, well, a little over-extended....
I saw this dress on foto decadent. I don't know who makes it, but it is small-tittie friendly. So, I want it! Especially since I have a wedding to attend soon, and I have NOTHING to wear!
Look at this youngin. I need her hair!
And this girl! I wish I had her glowing skin and her freaking cute ass shirt. Oh, French people.

Now, I know it's pretty much the middle of summer (since summer started hella early this year), but I just saw the line up for Topshop Fall '08. I think I'm gonna need a few things....check out all of it here.
Like this headband. Hopefully by Fall, I have some hair to push back.
And this peacoat. It is the perfect combination of structured design and feminine color.
Plaid and a comfy grey jacket? yes, please.
Now, Josh hates half my closet. Says it is hideous. But goddam it! Sometimes the ugliest things ever are the most awesomest. Yes, the most awesomest.

Now, because I'm always low on funds, my list from F21 is a little more realistic. I think I might actually try to get everything on that list. Like this cute purse!

These shorts can be worn all year round, and I just love LOVE me some linen.

Jean shorts, always in style.
Although these are pajama shorts, throw some sandals on and a cute T-shirt. Viola, hang out time.

This belt can go on, pretty much, anything.

Everyone's new pair of glasses, even though no one needs them.
Like I said, hopefully my hair grows some more, so I have an excuse to wear headbands.

From Urban, I want both these pairs. I know they're similar, and I know I should get sandals, but I have stinky feets so I need two pairs I can rotate, and well, I can still wear them while it's hot, cuz they're leather. They're leather! that reason alone is good enough.

And to help keep my skin all glowies, I needs me some more of this. Ran out so quickly.

And who doesn't like the post-hump glow?
This stuff, as you all know, keeps skin sooo soft. I remember when Josh and I first met, he asked if I waxed (I don't). That's how soft this stuff makes you feel.
And last but not least, I neeeeed this couch. With summer here, people tend to spend the night. This will not only look sooo cute, but will help accomodate guests. What's on your list??


Ixchel said...

I'm inclined to be frank Yadi, I think we are soul mates or perhaps you're my sister from another mister!Haha. I feel the same way and I want those shoes really bad too! But rent is a bitch here in La La Land, and I'm happy you're a home owner! Buying a house here in L.A. seems impossible!

It's funny, I feel naked too. I don't have nearly enough clothes! And I just splurged on a pair of Frye flats and a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, and now I'm broke again!

What ever will we do?!

Porcelain Garden said...

Haha! You are too funny. But hey, you never knooooow. Yeah, Josh and I went to visit a friend in LA not too long ago, and she was telling us how much she pays for rent. Holy crap, you guys sure do get robbed. But I guess the nightlife and pay make up for it. Here, they don't pay you very much and there aren't that many entrepreneurial opportunities or decent nightclubs (sacramentians, back me up).

At least you can afford new shoes and a marc by marc jacobs bag! We don't even have any stores around here that carry that!

Ixchel said...

Oh dear, I shop around. I don't like to pay full price for anything. I must admit though sometimes, I am a chump and pay ridiculous amounts on crap. Anyhow, you should check out They're always having sales on some high end stuff, a lot of it is crap and it still doesn't seem like it's on sale! But if you're lucky you'll find some sweet deals on some cool stuff!