Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what gets me going

Mkay, well, like I said before, it feels like today will be good. Hopefully, it's not just the coffee talking. I had alot of catching up to do today. Sorry for being gone for so long, it was a very long weekend (tell you about it later). Anywho, So many cute outfits out there. Thank you, girls. You bring me so much inspiration. Speaking of which, I finally got my lazy ass out to do some thrift store shopping. While Josh had a BBQ to celebrate his art show (I'll show you pics of my faves tomorrow), I went out to Thrift Town and found some pretty cute stuff. I'll show those pictures later too. I have alot of alterations to make!

Anywho, wouldn't it be nice to wake up in this bed every morning? And wouldn't it be great to have flawless hair, such as hers on this pretty little head? Photo by kasia+vintage

Look at those legs. Makes me hate being only five two. Single tear, both eyes. Photo by loou
Hello, Marcine! Always the cutie.
And doesn't this skirt just help you wake up? So bright. Photo by niftythriftyowl
This cutie has it all. Safari shirt, cute thingie in her hair, the high waisted shorts, brown t-straps. Sigh...if only. Photo by Style Sightings
The new clothes horse knows how to pull at my heart strings. Mustard and plaid. Say no more.

And miss Kennedy Holmes, check out her blog at Little Girl Grown, can pretty much look good in just about anything.
Who knew that liebemarlene had such an adorable sister?

Once again, keikolynn looks so great. How can you go wrong with a green skirt that has a cloud as a pocket?! Oh, wait, you can't.

And last but not least, there's this dress. I love this dress. The bright ass colors, those sleeves. Ugh. So jealous. Photo by enitens


Ixchel said...

those lovely ladies inspired me to make an effort to be cuter.

That should have been my new years resolution, I'm so tired of looking like a slob everyday!

and don't you just love finding great stuff at thrift stores, and reconstructing them and making them your own?!


Kennedy said...

that bed! man oh man that bed is a-maze-ing

also thanks!!!! you are too kind friend.

Yadira said...

Ixchel: I dooo love finding great things at thrift stores, it feels like treasure hunting! and I'm sure you're not a slob at all, but I'm glad that the post insprired you.

Miss kennedy: that bed...oh, man, makes me want to sleep for days. And, you're welcome! always a pleasure seeing your picturs.