Monday, May 19, 2008


Everyone loves wardrobe_remix. And if you don't know about wardrobe_remix, you should definetely check it out. Here are some of my faves:

Yellow yellow yellow! How cute is this? Makes me wanna vomit in my mouth how Hannah Karina can totally pull this off. And with those bangs and sunglasses...double vomit.

This picture makes me want to have a dog, first off. Well, not really, but that dog is so cute. But what I really find cute is how Rebecca is a recluse works peach on peach.

Here, flufflud works my favorite color, Mustard! Pretty much anything mustard wins. yeah, her tights I'm not feeling, but those shoes are pretty yummy too.

This dress from Sea Lorraine is so charming. The blue really plays off her skin tone.
Koalas! 'Nuff said. Well, that and she still looks like she can kick your ass.
Mkay, yeah, this dress is pretty Plane Jane, miss Virginia Blue, but I still love the collar, the color, the cut. So effing cute. Maybe if she was mean mugging like Koala lady over there, it would be cuter. But I still likes.

Vitamininmotion. Holy crap girl. Even with that ridiculous sweater, you still steal my heart. I'm gonna go home and make myself a bow to put in my hair too.

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