Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Super Dave would be proud

It's the season for Jumpers. Or Rompers. Or Playsuits. Whatever you want to call them, they are everywhere. And why wouldn't they be? they are cute, they are feminine, they even help hide imperfections and help to show off that tan you're working on. So why not? I guess the only drawback would be having to pee really bad while drunk and having to have one of your friends help you out of it as you try not to fall over laughing.

Even Target (Target!) has a romper. It's not the cutest, but hey, with the right accessories and shoes, I bet someone can look effin hot in this. ***EDIT*** I went and looked at it. It's so fucking ugly. Sorry dudes.

And this cute little number is from Triple Five Soul. Even the Hipsters can appreciate this one.

This Safari number is from Delias. Delias! Oh, Delias, I remember the days where I would circle everything I wanted as I sat in Homeroom. How good is it to know that I can still want you?

And this lovely lady in LA has the right idea. This cute onesie looks fun, playful AND sexy.

And of course, Forever21. Always the good ripoff at a great price. It's cute too! Look at those shoulders, how cute are they?

And for those of you with the money, this little beige number is from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

And last but not least, this sexy little lingerie inspired number is from Urban outfitters. Probably my favorite because it is so light and airy, perfect for those hot sticky Sacramento summers.


elizabeth said...

if you can wear these (i sadly cannot; that is not a gift god gave me) there are 2 marimekko H&M ones in stoires right now that are SO SICK. i stared at them with lust in my heart last weekend.

Yadira said...

Ah, well, there's another dilemma. With this thing called hips, I can only wear higher waisted ones, as the lower waisted ones make me look really wide. I do wish I could see the one's at H&M though, but alas, there isn't a single store in Sacramento. But thank you so much anyway!

Jen Paige said...


Yadira said...

No way! We'll maybe. I went to target yesterday. Their Romper is Blegh. I should delete it. But I did get some cute ass sandals!! I'll show you soon. Hopefully I'll see you Friday??

WendyB said...

Nice examples.

Yadira said...