Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I Want

Summer is almost upon us. Again. And just like last year, I have a list of Wants and To-Do's. While my To-Do's probably include many things that I will never do, like go to the gym, get waxed, get pedicures...etc, my Want list always includes things I can't get. Not this year. Hopefully I can at least get at least a few things on my want list.

So, isn't this lovely bird just adorable? I want her shoes, her bag (which is perfect for summer traveling, which I hope to do tons of), her skirt...everything. Smack a floral bustier on that skirt, toss the tights, and it's a perfect outfit for summer nights.

Here is Vitamininmotion, always looking like she doesn't even need to try to look amazing. I want those shorts! It's so hard to find high waisted shorts that are not only flattering, but decently priced. Most make me look like my mother when I was in the third grade. Not good. Not only that, but with the high-waisted craze, it's so hard to find any in my size. Sigh.

And what about this cute painting? I totally want this for my new house. I have no idea where I would put it, but is that really important? No, not really.

This summer, I want to wear turbans. Yes, turbans. Keep in mind, they keep your hair out of the way, keep the heat off of your head, and look Oh! So! Cute! Well, at least in this picture....

Unrelated to summer, but totally related to summer hosting, I wish I could decorate my house like George's room in the flat in Help! I just love the mix of color, modern and vintage furniture. Besides, even if I wasn't able to paint my walls a beautiful shade of green, I want that furniture!

And although Jen and I are still no where near finishing anything up in regards to the dresses (hey, it's been busy, alot of bars, festivals and parties, okay?), wouldn't it be adorable to have tags, such as the one's here?

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